A Venture Lab product by Crema

Vera was built by a team of product development and marketing experts at a digital product agency in Kansas City called Crema. The app concept was born out of Venture Lab, our playground for innovation and exploration.

Meet the team

Pamela Porto

Designer & Product Lead

Vera’s Product Owner and Designer, Pamela leads the team and creates the beautiful UI that sets Vera apart from its competitors. Pamela is originally from from Ecuador, and is the one responsible for the Spanish version of Vera. Pamela is currently one of the product designers at Crema.

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Luiz Chagas

Dev Lead

Luiz is one of Vera’s developers and the one responsible for Vera’s Portuguese translation.  He has been part of the team from the very beginning and wrote most of the infrastructure of the app.

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Lex Sanders

App Developer

Lex is one of our Vera developers! She has been an integral part of the ‘View all plants’ feature and continues to work on updates for the app.

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Gabby Caton

Marketing Specialist

Gabby runs the marketing for Vera and is the one responsible for replying to Crema reviews! She also runs the Instagram account, manages partnership opportunities, and helps with written content.

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Ashley Holbrook

Test Engineer

Ashley is Vera’s Test Engineer. She makes sure the app is working on all devices and squashes any bugs our users find.

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Michael Luchen

Coach and Product Manager

Michael is Vera’s Product Manager! He makes sure we prioritize the right features for updates and stay organized.

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