Seeing the Beauty in Plants

Sarah Starshak’s plant family is a wonder to behold. You can tell each plant has been thoughtfully potted, and an aesthetic eye has arranged these plants to make the living space feel vibrant and colorful. We dive into the backstory of this indoor jungle and get some context for where Sarah’s plant obsessions came from in this interview!

How to Keep your plants alive

Learn how to keep your plants alive, including watering tips, optimal locations for your plant, how to identify the problem, & some digital solutions to help.

High Stakes Plants: an Inheritance

Hear from Michael about the plant he inherited from his family, the pressure he feels to keep it alive, and how he's managed to remember his watering schedule.

Green Thumbs Run in My Family

Hear from Ashley about her obsession with plants, how green thumbs run in her family, where she keeps all her plants, and which one is her favorite.