Seeing the Beauty in Plants

Sarah Starshak’s plant family is a wonder to behold. You can tell each plant has been thoughtfully potted, and an aesthetic eye has arranged these plants to make the living space feel vibrant and colorful. We dive into the backstory of this indoor jungle and get some context for where Sarah’s plant obsessions came from in this interview!


Q: Why do you love plants?

Sarah: I grew up surrounded by plants, since my dad owns a garden center. However, my true love for plants developed in the last couple years since moving into my own place and wanting to create a space that inspires me! With a passion for art and design, I’ve come to realize that few things are as naturally beautiful as plants - to me they are living artwork!

Q: How many plants do you have?

Sarah: The most recent count is 52! But that number is always changing as some die and new additions are adopted into my collection!


Q: Do you find it difficult to remember when to water your plants? If so, what's your current solution/tool to help?

Sarah: When you have lots of plants, there are some that habitually get overlooked until they are screaming out for attention with their wilting leaves. I get to know each plant better the longer I have it. Watching them react to variables like climate, humidity, sunlight, and water allow me to curate a space for my plants to thrive!


Q: If you've started using the Vera app, what do you enjoy most about it?

Sarah: I love how with the Vera app you not only get a plant watering schedule, but can build profiles for each of your plants. It’s a great tool for tracking your plants’ history, and learning how to better care for each one individually! Also, I love that you can insert pictures of your own plants on the app to make it more personal!


Q: What do your friends and family think about your plant obsession?

Sarah: Family and friends know I’m obsessed with plants. I can’t help talking about them and showing them off when people come over. Some have even come to enjoy plants more themselves!

Q: Which plant is your favorite and why?

Sarah: Right now I’m loving my Pilea Peperomioides, commonly know as a Chinese money plant. It’s got perfectly round flat leaves that shoot out from its narrow stems. Its unique shape makes any space come alive! In the past I’ve actually not had the best success keeping this plant happy, but I’m determined to keep the two I have alive and learn how to better care for them!

Q: What advice would you give to other plants owners?

Sarah: Don’t worry if you lose a few plants here and there. You didn’t fail. Simply treat it as a learning opportunity because caring for plants is a process, and hopefully an enjoyable one! No one gets it right all the time.

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