I updated my app and my plants disappeared! What do I do?

Have no fear! To restore your plants, simply update Vera to its latest version 1.1.1. If this doesn’t solve your problem and your plants are still missing,

I’m not receiving notifications on my Android device

Have no fear—a solution is here! We’ve heard from several Android users that they aren’t receiving notifications to water their plants. To fix this issue, simply go into the app and mark your overdue plants activity as completed.

How do I delete a plant?

You can delete your plant from the home screen or the screen that shows you the full list of your plants by scrolling to your plant and selecting the small options button (three vertical dots) on the plant card.

Is there a fertilization schedule available?

Yes! You can find this under our ‘log plant activity’ page.

Can I share my account with other people so they can mark my plants watered and see my watering schedule?

There is no functionality to share your account on other devices yet, but this is something we’re working on.

Is there a maximum number of plants you can add?

Nope! Currently, you can add as many plant profiles as you want.

How do I delete my account?

Currently, only anonymous users can fully delete their account.

Can I backup my plants?

If your account is linked with Google, Facebook, or Apple ID then you will have access to your plants no matter what device you log into Vera on.
If you are an anonymous user, your plants will  only be available to you on the device that you created the account on.  To link your anonymous account to either Google or Facebook, navigate to your account page and then select  which service you would like to link your account to .

How can I override a notification or skip a watering day?

Currently, there is no functionality for this right now. However, our development team is working hard to ensure this feature is available in the near future.

Is there a dark mode?

There is not a dark mode available for Vera, but this is a feature we have in our backlog. Stay tuned!

Can I edit when I marked my plant ‘watered’?

You  can delete any activity on a plant by navigating to the plant’s page and pressing and holding on the activity. A menu will pop up with the delete option.